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Traditional lime based plastering

Fine quality quicklime & lime putty with fine quality sand's

Traditional hand crafts with natural materials by

Bryson's of Lancashire restoration Co


Goats hair sand and lime

Every building has a story and a history of how over many years it has been repaired and restored, some good repairs and some bad repairs.

After many years the plastering will start to fail and need replacing but not with modern gypsum plaster but with natural lime plaster that will let your old brick wall's breath again.

We at Bryson's undertake traditional lime plastering on Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian buildings with the very best quality quicklime, sands, goat's hair and lime putty to produce the perfect vapour permeable plaster walls and ceilings on lath, brick or stone.  We also undertake lime rendering for external walls.                                                                                

Vapour permeable materials

 the conservation specialist

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